A film about dreams, responsibilities and the search for one‘s place in life

While I was on research in Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso for a film about the relationship between Africa and Europe, I became acquainted with the young dressmaker Bintou. She spent a lot of time with white expats and dreamed of a career in Europe. The closer I got to Bintou the more I understood her family background. She has a seven-year-old daughter, born from a painful incident in her past. Christiane was raised at a children‘s home, so Bintou could complete her apprenticeship. Bintou managed to live her life between work, her dream of a career and taking care of her child on weekends. But in everybody‘s view she was the sweet, young dressmaker, who was always happy, making cheap and lovely African clothes. I was fascinated by Bintou and the way she managed her life. I wanted to tell others about her story, about the society in Burkina Faso and Bintous courage to deal with all this: Inspite of all the obstacles she constantly workes to achieve her dreams. So finally we decided to make this movie together. SIMONE CATHARINA GAUL